AIRC Perspectives

Critical Competencies to Support Digital Transformation in Acquisition

May 2022

AUTHOR: Dr. Nicole Hutchison

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the way acquisition and engineering are performed across a wide range of government agencies, industries, and academia. It is characterized by the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing fundamental operations and how results are delivered in terms of new value to customers. It includes cultural change centered on alignment across leadership, strategy, customers, operations, and workforce evolution. As the DoD transitions to digital engineering, there is a need to develop and maintain an acquisition workforce that is literate in model-based approaches, competent in digital models, methods, and tools, and understands digital artifacts across the acquisition lifecycle. However, digital transformation will fail unless all individuals across the acquisition workforce have a fundamental understanding of what digital transformation is; why it is important; and the role that they play in making it successful.