Research Reports

IP Evaluation and Valuation Study

March 2022

October 2021

AUTHORS: Dr. Claudia Stewart, Karrie Wessing, JD, Mr. Michael Ryan, Richard Beutel, JD, and Ms. Sonia Kaestner

This Study aimed to develop lean and appropriately customizable Intellectual Property (IP) management modalities that:

●  can be fully integrated into acquisition and product support strategies; and
●  can acquire only the necessary deliverables and license rights at the appropriate time to secure DoD’s interests throughout the product life cycle.

IP evaluation and valuation research was conducted through complementary projects:

●  a literature review that established baseline historic, existing, and emerging IP acquisition Multi-service Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (MTTPs) with regard to technical data and computer software;
●  interviews with subject matter experts; and
●  projects such as an IP Workshop and the development of a systemigram.

Information from each project was studied to determine impinging and mitigating factors for tension points between the Government and Industry. It became clear as work proceeded that there would be little access to actual negotiated contracts. This made untenable achieving deliverables regarding contracting involving IP and making specific recommendations regarding MTTPs. The focus was shifted to criticality of certain issues in the IP acquisition process. Among the recommendations generated from the research:

●  Focus on Valuation

●  Develop appropriate expertise for negotiations and related workforce education

● Use flexible contracting vehicles when possible

●  Incentivize small company and nontraditional commercial engagement with the Government

●  Address impediments created by an ensconced culture