FALL 2021
Acquisition Innovation Forum

Intellectual Property Valuation in the Defense Acquisition Process

Hosted virtually on September 9, 2021: 9:00am – 1:00pm EST (ZoomGov)


Intellectual Property Valuation in the Defense Acquisition Process

For the DoD to maintain its competitive edge globally, it must be able to rapidly improve its capabilities, which includes increased engagement with the commercial sector to acquire novel and/or rapid upgrade technologies – particularly from small companies and nontraditional contractors. Cost-effective IP acquisition for the government must account for program life-cycle needs as well as the value of the commercial provider’s IP within their business model. An understanding of each other’s minimal IPR requirements will lead to better tailored negotiations and contracts.

Development of appropriately customizable IP management modalities that can be fully integrated into acquisition and product support strategies, that are lean and cost-effectively acquire only the necessary deliverables and license rights at the appropriate time to secure DoD’s interests throughout the product life cycle, as well as development of metrics to assess the outcomes of novel contracting approaches and preparedness of the acquisition workforce will facilitate more “successful” negotiations.

A set of panel discussions on the challenges in IP valuation and its impacts on technology acquisitions and innovation in the DoD, including new approaches to address the issues.

This workshop is for thought leaders, acquisition practitioners, and interested researchers from the government, industry and academia.

The aim of the workshop is to elucidate the issues and challenges facing the defense acquisition community in technology, data rights and software acquisitions, particularly with regard to valuation of intellectual property and impacts on innovation within the DoD.

Panelists and participants will help to identify critical aspects of the IP valuation and acquisition process that can be addressed to improve the process and enhance innovation, with suggested topic areas for additional study by teams of academics, government personnel and industry representatives.


Introduction to AIRC

Dr. Dinesh Verma, Executive Director, SERC & AIRC

PANEL 1: Evaluating IP’s Role in Driving Innovation and Competitiveness

Stan Soloway, President and CEO, Celero Strategies, LLC.


Moshe Schwartz_sq

Alison Brown, President and CEO, NAVSYS Corporation
William C. Greenwalt, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute
Adriana Luedke, Director and Associate General Counsel, Lockheed Martin
Moshe Schwartz, President, Etherton and Associates

John Tenaglia, Principal Director, Defense Pricing and Contracting, Department of Defense

Introduction of Keynote Speaker
Richard Gray, Director, Intellectual Property Cadre, OUSD (Acquisition & Sustainment)

PANEL 2: IP Valuation: Impacts on Industry Engagement and Innovation

Steven Schooner, Esq., Nash & Cibinic Professor of Government Procurement Law, George Washington University



Bill Elkington, Managing Member, Mind IC
Ben McMartin, Managing Partner, Public Spend Forum
Lorna Tedder, Principal DoD Program Manager and Agile Acquisition SME, The MITRE Corporation
Tim Webb, Venture Capitalist and Independent Entrepreneurship Consultant


Outcomes and Closing Remarks