Managing Portfolios in an Environment of Dynamic Requirements and Uncertainty

April 2022

AUTHORS: William B. Rouse1, Dinesh Verma2, Thomas A. McDermott, Jr.2, and Philip S. Antón2

Organizations would like to have the flexibility and agility to address the uncertainty of both needs and technologies that results from challenges related to performance, organizational experience, supply chains, etc. This perspective paper outlines and illustrates new ways of thinking and allocating resources that organizations can adopt to address these challenges.

The Valley of Death Results from More Than a Lack of Flexible Funding

March 2022

AUTHOR: Philip S. Antón

Innovation is appealing and attractive, but it is a difficult and risky business. The Department of Defense (DoD) and the commercial sector have long struggled with transitioning and fielding innovative concepts and systems to operational use. Data show that very few innovations are successfully fielded. To tackle innovation, the DoD and its partners have created a range of organizations to pursue and apply innovative concepts.

Research Executive Summaries

IP Evaluation and Valuation Study

October 2021

AUTHORS: Claudia Stewart, Karrie Wessing, Michael Ryan, Richard Beutel, and Sonia Kaestner

This study develops lean and appropriately customizable Intellectual Property (IP) management modalities that can be fully integrated into acquisition and product support strategies; acquire only the necessary deliverables and license rights at the appropriate times to secure DoD’s interests throughout the product life cycle.

IP Data Repository Study

October 2021

AUTHORS: Laura Freeman and Brian Mayer

Tasked to develop a data and electronic information repository for models, samples, templates, and exemplars of Intellectual Property (IP), through the use of the “FAIR” principles (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability), the team researched government data using a two-tiered approach that explored the requested data fields in the AIRC Performance Work Statement (PWS) and publicly available metadata to create a longitudinal topology of DoD contracting activity.

Data Sources for Analyzing Acquisition

Updated as of September 23, 2021

These pages identify public and restricted government data and information sources relevant for acquisition-related analysis. To structure the information, data sources are organized in groups related to acquisition system themes and flows, such as following the money, following the contracting, workforce, and others. These elements overlap, so data sources may appear in multiple places.

Annual Report for FY 2020
Extramural Acquisition Innovation and Research Activities

October 25, 2021

The Secretary of Defense created the Acquisition Innovation Research Center (AIRC) on September 30, 2020, in response to section 2361(a) of title 10 U.S. Code.  AIRC has achieved its goals for its inaugural year, and a breadth of activities have been funded to engage AIRC on key challenges facing the Department of Defense (DoD).